Due to the Covid-19 concerns, the district will be implementing the following guidelines when reserving the buildings for “no-charge” groups.

Please make sure to be extra vigilant when cleaning before and after your groups.  The expectations will consist of the following guidelines:

    1. Everyone will wear a mask in the buildings at all times, per the Governor’s directive and in accordance with Board of Education action stipulating this requirement.
    2. All groups will stay in their reserved area/room.  Restrooms nearest to the space you have reserved are the only restrooms that should be utilized.
    3. Leaders of the group will be responsible to clean their reserved area/room(s) with district-provided disinfectant and wipes.
    4. This will include disinfecting chairs, tables, door knobs, sinks, faucets, and other items touched by your group.

     Building Custodian will provide disinfectant and other materials for cleaning.


Please Use our New Reservation System to Request/Reserve Facilities

Step 1:  Read District Use Facilities Policy.

Step 2:  Apply to become a requester.

Step 3:  Wait for your approval email.

Step 4:  Once approved as a requester, log in to your account to place Facilities requests.  Please submit your request a minimum of seven working days prior to the activiity.

Step 5:  Provide current certificate of insurance liability before your first use date.

Note:  Facility use will not be allowed without current liability insurance on file.

Step 6:  When a request has been approved, an electronic contract will be sent to the requester.  Sign the electronic contract with the pin your created in your account. Signed contract and certificate of insurance must be completed and returned before the date of the event.  

Step 7:  To check on the status of your request, log in to your account and click on the request history tab.  

Please contact Betsy Borski, Lincoln High School,  at 715-424-6750, ext 0 or by email at betsy.borski@wrps.net 

Please contact Sara Danke, PAC coordinator, at 715-424-6763, ext 0 or by email at sara.danke@wrps.net if you have questions regarding the Performing Arts Center (PAC) at Lincoln High School. 

Please contact Mary Gildenzoph, Buildings and Grounds Department, 715-424-6718, option 2 or by email at mary.gildenzoph@wrps.net if you have questions regarding East Jr. High, Grant, Grove, Howe, Mead, THINK Academy, Washington, Woodside or WRAMS.



District Facility Use Policy

PAC Policy and PAC COVID Policy